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Medical Products

Intubation Box, Aerosol Safety Box & Medical Aerosol Tent for Airway Management

From £99 to £131.25 per unit


The Formtronics Intubation box is a cost-effective solution for safe airway management when supporting patients with infectious airborne diseases because it reduces the spread of aerosol when a patient is coughing and may be used as a sustainable multiuse replacement for an additional layer of protection between patient and healthcare worker.  It gives access to pass-in equipment & provide cricoid pressure, fits on a normal theatre table and the hospital bed and can be covered with extra drape if needed.

This product is being used in NHS hospitals to help against the transmission of Coronavirus.

5mm thick Polycarbonate 4-Sided Box, with 2 Arm-Slots cut out of Front. Dimensions are 500 x 500 x 400mm. 

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