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Medical Products

Tracheostomy Training Kit FONA Rescue Training Kit

From £185 to £355


The Formtronics 3D printed Rubber Larynx is an anatomical human model specifically engineered for medical education and training. It is a new, cost effective and time saving alternative the traditionally used animal Larynx. It lasts for dozens of trials and has realistic Head-Up position and opening Larynx access. It has many educational applications but is particularly useful in the current climate for healthcare workers managing Coronavirus / Covid-19 patients.

The ethical and sustainable training kit is available in two standard sizes, Adult and Peadiactric but can be custom ordered for any %age of adult size between 25% - 150% of the original.

One unit includes: 1x 3D Printed orange Neck model, 4x grey rubber Larynx's, 50x Synthetic Skins.

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